Website Move

This is just to let everyone know I have moved the web site to In that wonderful process, I found that there isn’t a way to take the followers along with. Seems a little odd seeing it’s basically the same application. However, I haven’t been able to figure out a way. Yeah, didn’t think that one all of the way through. So, with that said and done, would you mind venturing over to the new site when you get the chance and sign up again. My vast apologies. I figured that part would be a no-brainer but it turns out the only no-brainer resides behind the keyboard.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!



Happy Holidays!

I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy Holiday season!  I hope it brings warmth and cheer into your lives!  I also hope that the coming year brings good fortune your way!

To a season filled with joy!



A New World: Sanctuary Finished!

At last!  It’s finished, scrambling my mind in the process.  I have literally spent all of my waking hours on trying to finish it and get it out by Christmas – which I managed only by an hour or two.  I had only hours to spare.  For the moment, It is on Amazon and Smashwords in eBook format which should propagate out to the other sites within the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I will be getting it ready for print which should be available sometime in the first part of January.

Thank you all for your patience!  I know it was supposed to be out a few days ago but, well, that just didn’t happen.  I hope everyone enjoy this next phase of the story!  Now to get some sleep!

Happy Holidays!


Not quite there yet!

I apologize that the book isn’t through the editing phase as yet.  It will be just a couple more days before it’s ready for publication.  I just received some looks for the cover from SM Reine and she has done her magic once again.  I am working through the last bit of editing for the book and striving to have it out by Christmas.  Once again, I apologize to all who were looking for the book to be out by now but I want to make sure it’s ready.

I’ll make this short as there’s a lot to get finished.  I wish everyone a very happy Tuesday!


A New World: Sanctuary Finished!

Okay, it’s only the draft that is finished and now begins the process of editing.  Oh, fun times in store with that.  I’m pretty excited to be finished with this part of the story of Jack and the group.  It was a little harder to write as the arena opened up somewhat with them landing and having to find and build a place of haven.  It was still fun to write although there were times I had to pound my head on the keyboard.

The plan is to have the editing finished and the cover finished by the 18th of this month and publish it that night.  That means is should show up on Amazon by midnight of the 19th/20th.  I also released the first two books in print to Amazon and they should be showing up within the next few days.  I received the proof copies and I have to admit they look pretty good.

I have received a few nice reviews lately and I want to thank each and every one of you for making this series a success.  Like I’ve said in previous posts, the series has far exceeded any expectations I had.  I enjoy writing the books and it thrills me that they are being enjoyed.  Thank you everyone!

Enjoy your day!


It’s Been A Little While!

I haven’t posted in a little while and I apologize to everyone for that.  Had a bit of a bug come visit for a while and am glad to see it out of the door.  It truly overstayed its welcome.    And so, with that now on its way elsewhere, the writing is picking up once again.  I have been able to put a word here and there throughout and even string a sentence together from time to time.  The third book is coming along although quite slowly but I’m getting pretty close to finishing the draft.

When I first started the book, I didn’t think I would have enough with the story and plot continuation to fill the book.  Now I’m finding that I have had to move a part of the story to the fourth book.  That’s a good thing I think.  I would say this third book is about 80% complete.  I was hoping to have it finished by the end of the month but, unless the words just pour out today, that’s just not going to happen.  I do hope to have it finished by this coming weekend.

As a side note, the print proof of the second book, A New World: Return, came in the mail yesterday and I’m hoping the Chaos book shows up today.  The proof looks good so far and, if the same is true with the other, then both books should be out in print within the next week.  They look pretty sharp and I want to thank SM Reine once again for the fantastic covers.

The flow of writing with this third book hasn’t been the 5,000 to 8,000 words a day that the first books had.  There have been a lot of things that have had to happen in different areas and it was a little slow pulling them together into a cohesive fashion.  With the first two, the track was fairly linear – go here and this happens, then continue – but with this third book, the scope has broadened to an extent.  Plus the aspect of trying to build a sanctuary and keep it exciting without making it seem like watching paint dry.

Well, off to the story!  I wish everyone a wonderful and fun day!

Progress – Slow but progress nonetheless!

Haven’t posted here is a little while and my apologies for that.  I have been immersing myself in the writing of the third book “A New World: Sanctuary.”  Had a more difficult time organizing and progressing with this one, mainly due to the expansion of the characters and events.  Jack and the merry band of survivors have arrived back and are in the process of setting up shop – finding and building a haven from the night runners.  Hit the 40,000 word mark last night meaning the draft is almost half way there.  I hope to hit that point sometime today – we’ll see how far I get with that goal.

I am looking to have the draft finished and the editing to begin by the end of the month.  That may be pushing it but the story has started to flow somewhat.  Today, another rescue attempt.

I just want to give a hearty thank you for all of the nice messages, reviews, and for those that have made the series so successful so far – far beyond my wildest dreams or any expectations I had.  Thank you!!!!  You truly rock!