Not quite there yet!

I apologize that the book isn’t through the editing phase as yet.  It will be just a couple more days before it’s ready for publication.  I just received some looks for the cover from SM Reine and she has done her magic once again.  I am working through the last bit of editing for the book and striving to have it out by Christmas.  Once again, I apologize to all who were looking for the book to be out by now but I want to make sure it’s ready.

I’ll make this short as there’s a lot to get finished.  I wish everyone a very happy Tuesday!



4 thoughts on “Not quite there yet!

  1. Dana Iris

    Hi John – I’ve read a pile of zombie lit lately but really appreciated the character development and story in your books..the second one got me through a long and wretched plane flight..looking forward to the next one and happy holidays!

    1. John O'Brien Post author

      Hi Dana,

      I glad the story could help you through a long, boring and I’m sure cramped flight. There doesn’t seem to be much that can help with those. I thank you for the kind message and glad you are enjoying them. I’m hoping the next will be released within the next couple of days and I will certainly let you know when it is. Well, I make sure there is a blog about the release at any rate. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon for each book, I would truly appreciate it. Again, thank you very much! I hope you are having a great evening and that you enjoy your holidays!



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