A New World: Chaos Premise

The basic premise for the New World series is really not that far-fetched.  We have seen several pandemic scares come along in the recent past that could have threatened our survival as a species or at least brought about death on a large scale.  As the virus’ mutate and adapt, it is really only a matter of time before one comes along that does just that very thing – creates a pandemic that mows through the world’s population.

As for the vaccine creating changes, well, that is not that far-fetched either.  Just look at the ads for the drugs on the market now.  They create more problems than they supposedly fix.  I mean, who wants to be bleeding from various orifices just to relieve a headache.  I can say for one that I don’t.  And the pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing illnesses to match what new drugs they create can fix.  The plausibility of a vaccine rushed to market in the event of a quick spreading virus is real.

So basically, today is just speculating on the basic premise of the series before I dive back into the story for the day.  The survivors of the apocalypse await as they are poised on possibly finding some information they need to survive in the long term.  I don’t know where today’s part of the story will lead, but I am excited to find out.

Enjoy this gorgeous day all!


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