A Day In the Sun

Well, it’s time to get started back on the book.  Took a couple of days off as the sun, warm weather, and friends beckoned.  Took the top down on the Jeep Friday.  These days were just meant for heading out with the top down.  Music cranked, top down, sun out – priceless.  Not to mention BBQ’s, bonfires, and “there I was stories.”

Now the high clouds have rolled in for the moment – still a pretty day – and so it’s the laptop in the sun for a day of writing.  Well, that’s the plan anyway.  If the sun comes out full time, then all bets are off.  The Puget Sound waters are beckoning as well.

Ach!  The clouds are thickening as I write this.  It should only be a temporary thing though.  Okay, I left the book just into the first action sequence and I think Jack is getting impatient.  Happy end of the weekend all!


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