Monthly Archives: June 2011

I’m Back!

A bit of a break and now I’m back at it.  The book is gaining a little momentum now that I’ve reached the first action scene.  The characters are set the dialogue necessary for the interactions set.  Well, at least I hope so.  They are some gabby folks.  Still locked on the Island in the book but should be venturing off to new places shortly.

The book sales for the first one aren’t the greatest and I haven’t retired to the beaches as yet.  But, then again, it’s not about the dollars, it’s about telling the story and hoping everyone enjoys it.  The reviews that have come back have been great so I am hoping those that have read it enjoy (ed) it.  the second should be just as good and the third and subsequent are filled with the action – at least in my head.

I do need to figure out how to use all of the characters that have come into the book.  In order to keep them involved in the story, the main character Jack has taken more of a delegation role.  I’m not overly thrilled about that and the editing will have to change that.   From here though, I am changing that to a large degree.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Spring is out and Summer is coming!


A Day In the Sun

Well, it’s time to get started back on the book.  Took a couple of days off as the sun, warm weather, and friends beckoned.  Took the top down on the Jeep Friday.  These days were just meant for heading out with the top down.  Music cranked, top down, sun out – priceless.  Not to mention BBQ’s, bonfires, and “there I was stories.”

Now the high clouds have rolled in for the moment – still a pretty day – and so it’s the laptop in the sun for a day of writing.  Well, that’s the plan anyway.  If the sun comes out full time, then all bets are off.  The Puget Sound waters are beckoning as well.

Ach!  The clouds are thickening as I write this.  It should only be a temporary thing though.  Okay, I left the book just into the first action sequence and I think Jack is getting impatient.  Happy end of the weekend all!

‘Twas a good day!

It was a good day of writing yesterday.   The characters are on the move at long last and I have the vision of events.  There will be more accomplished on that today – a short bit this afternoon and then tonight.

One of the hard things is splitting time between writing and marketing.  The marketing aspect can take on a full time status as there are a lot of avenues to cover, but, that takes away from the writing.  I am hoping the sales portion gathers momentum and reviews come in.  As of now, there have not been a lot of reviews but the ones I have had are quite favorable.  The stats on Amazon show that over half of those who looked at the page purchased the book.  Now, to get folks to look at the page.

The first in the series went out to Sony, Kobe, and Apple the other week and should be published there soon.  The publisher also sent another to Barnes & Noble so I had to withdraw the copy I had out there.

Well, off to wear my keyboard down some more.  Enjoy your day!