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Back to it

Memorial Day has come and gone but I want to give a quick thanks here to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we  can continue.  Thank you!  And to the families who have lost loved ones.

I spent most of Memorial Day writing.  I have been writing and writing but the characters haven’t moved.  They are apparently a gabby bunch.  I think it may be more that I am stalling for the next action sequences as I haven’t played them through my mind as yet.  I’ll be interested to see what happens next.  I know the where’s and when’s but not exactly how it will go down.  Hopefully I will get there today.

I’m only about 15,000 words into the story.  I had hoped to be further, like almost done, but the weather has been rather nice and so I played a little this weekend.  Well, played on Saturday and recovered on Sunday.  No, not hangover but I’m afraid the age thing is catching up.  Sore muscles and such.

Okay, I’m off again to see what happens to Jack and his merry band.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Happy hunting!



It’s a Monday!

Well, the nice weather the past few days have not been very conducive to writing.  I ended up spending a sleepless night with other books to write running through my head.  I have to hold onto those and concentrate on the one in front of me.  I’ll be writing more on that one tonight.

The sales on the first one are not all that impressive but, it’s not really about the sales and money per se, it’s more about the writing and getting the story down.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to sell a ton but more so on people reading my story as opposed to the money.  Obviously it’s not the entire case or it would be out there for free.

I have Jack a third of the way back from his trek half way across the world.  He’s a bit tired but about to launch on another leg of the trip with one additional stop on the way.  More information to gather before he begins the final leg.

The writing is taking on a different mind as there is one part I want to get to but so much has to happen prior to getting there.  I also find my mind venturing to stories and events that are in the next book in the series.  There is a slight impatience that goes along with that and I have to keep focused on the current moment in the book.

Enjoy your day all and happy reading!

A Good Day

Had a good day of writing yesterday.  I ended up writing quite a ways into the evening as the creative juices were flowing.  Funny how that creativity seems to flow in the evenings better.  It’s almost like the story takes off on its own in moments like that.  Like the story is writing itself and I am merely the conduit.  I am just as interested in the outcome as the reader.  And, you would think as the writer, I would be in charge.  I do find myself having to wind guide the story back to the plot line or character development at times as I look at it and wonder where I went.  All in all, a good day and made it quite a ways through a place where I was stuck.  Funny how you can write for hours and find your characters in the exact same spot as they were when you started.  I sometime wonder what the heck I wrote if they’re still there.

Well, the sun is out and I am off to play!  There will be some writing today but it may be one of those with the laptop out side in the sun.  This is one of those rare days to be taken advantage of.

A happy day to all and I hope your day is filled with enjoyment!


Well, more writing today.  I have been stuck on one part and am going to try and motor through it.  The thing about writing is that there are the not so interesting parts as well.  Parts that need to be included but are tougher to write.  It’s like reading the book when  you get to a boring part only it takes longer to get through.

The goal is to finish – or at least be close – with the rough draft by the end of the month but we’ll see how that goes.  The weather is getting nicer so it’s harder to stay and write as summers are so short.  Well, short blog today as the book isn’t going to write itself – if you anyone knows how it will, please let me know.

Enjoy the day and happy reading!

Quantum world

I was talking with my friend the other day and the conversation rolled around to Quantum Physics.  That happens to be an interest and hobby of mine you would say.  Far too many sleepless nights have been spent on the quantum world.  He asked me to sum it up in a nutshell.  Yeah, I thought, that’s just not possible.  So, I tried and started by talking about the physical world and how it is made up of atoms but that the atoms themselves are made up of particles themselves – sub-atomic particles that break down into smaller particles.  It is those particles that conform to the quantum world and behave by a complete different set of rules.  The rules are guided by the rules of probability rather than the actual reality we see.  And those probabilities are changed by the act of observation.  The very act of observing a probability changes the behavior of that sub-atomic particle and makes it behave as matter.  At this point, the others in our xboxlive party became restless and on with Black Ops we went.

However, that spurred more thoughts.  If you know a little about quantum physics, you know about the double slit experiment.  I won’t go into that but there is a good YouTube video about it:

The basic underlying principle of the atom and the physical world we walk in is based on the realm of possibility.  It is the act of observation that brings the possibility into our reality.  Particles actually change their behavior based on the simple act of observation.  They go from a wave-like function (probability and interference patterns) to behaving like a matter particle.  All from merely the act of observing it.  Is there a cognizant aspect of that particle or does the energy of observation interact with that particle?

It amuses me to watch the collider experiments trying to capture the elusive quark and other sub-atomic particles.  Based on quantum behaviors, trying to observe these particles will change their behavior.  We are trying to look at something that is outside of our known “science” and measure it with that science.  It’s kind of like taking a straight edge ruler and trying to measure the circumference of a circle (I mean without using radius and diameters).

We know that observation changes probability into reality (meaning, the world we see).  Our “observation” must exert an energy and force that interacts with the particles. So, how do we consciously affect that?  Do we need something that exists in the quantum world or interacts with it?  We know that the quantum world acts in waves – energy.  Our thoughts, feelings, and such also produce energies.  It is by thoughts and energies that we affect “reality.”  The more direct and focused the observation and thought, the more reaction or force we impose.  In other words, the more we focus on a desired path, the more the path of probability is directed into reality (matter).

If we take a close look and realize what this means, then look at how we came into being, spontaneous life is not as far-fetched as we may think.

We also have to look at personal energies and societal energies.  We each produce an energy.  That energy also combines with those around us to meld into another energy wave length.  Much like the wave from a pebble dropped into a lake.  The wave from that expands out depending on the size of the pebble.  drop more pebbles into the lake, and the waves will combine with the others to produce a different wave over a distance.  This is a societal wave.  Notice how we have those leaps in the growth of mankind.  Where ideas suddenly seem to take hold across the world and the growth is exponential.

Okay, enough ramblings for now as I could write about all that I have thought in the years and never finish this.  I will write more as the days go on.  I also want to cover  how the base ten numeric system we use is flawed.  But, more on that later.

Have a great day all!

Another day of writing

Well, had a great start at the second book yesterday.  However, I did find out that the 10,000 plus words that I had written had disappeared down to a little over 1,500.  I’m going to write that off to the word gremlins.  I think I’ll have to set traps out for them.  I wasn’t too upset with that though as I wasn’t all that happy with the start anyway and gave me a chance to write a better beginning.  I’m glad the Prologue was still there as I did really like that aspect.

Finishing up this writing session today and made it through a dialogue  aspect that was giving me a hard time.  Sitting at just about 5,000 words as we speak.  I am not sure where the next part of the book will lead.  It will be interesting to find out.  Sometimes the book just seems to head in its own direction.

The sun has come out and it’s hard for me to not go play in it. So, I think I’ll succumb to its call.  I started getting my road bike ready for a quick pedal down the roads but found the front tire flat.  Apparently the gremlins were very busy.  I’m not really in the mood to find my spare and change it so it’s off to work on the Jeep.

Life is good! I hope everyone has a great day!

Back at it again

I am starting to work on the second book in the “A New World” series today.  I left it about 10,000 words in after finishing the last book to polish up the first book and get it published.  That took a little longer than anticipated but now I’m eager to get back to it.  The thoughts of this next book and the ones after in the series have started rolling through my head again.  I finally slept the entire night through – the first in a long while – and so the energy is high.  I am actually surprised I’m not glowing.

I was just contacted by another publisher asking for the manuscript to review and so there is still some stuff to do on the first book today before I get started.  Plus the tons of laundry generated from the airsoft event this weekend.  I am still quite sore from that but a great time was had by all.

There is also a Jeep battery to take care of.  Okay, I’m off to get started and wish everyone a very happy and pleasant day.